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Fully Feel

"A cinematic experience."

"Sound healing on a cloud."


A Platform for Full Body Immersive Experiences...

BLISSpod has been described many ways, but at its most simple, it is a device that transforms sound into tactile vibration that can be felt in the body. We see it as a medium that allows artists and facilitators to bring fans and clients even closer to their work. Whether it be used for sound healings, live music performances, immersive soundscapes, guided meditations, or music enjoyment, BLISSpod creates a deeper sense of immersion and connection with sound and self.

Curated Experiences

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Restorative Journeys through Immersive Soundscapes

Welcome to one of the deepest music listening experiences in existence. Using the BLISSpods and 3D sound design, enjoy 60 minutes of an artistic blend of nature sounds and music intended to take you on a journey of inspiration, reflection and of course...bliss.



Cannabis Assisted
Sound Journeys & Day Retreats

Discover connection to music, sensation, and community through an accessible, yet powerful medicine. Each day retreat consists of a full body sound journey, connective activities and a shared meal, all centered around one of four themes...Bliss (for somatic connection), Love (for couples), Genius (for creativity), and Chill (for relaxation).

"Every Feeling Fully Felt is BLISS"

- Joseph Campbell

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